Supply Chain Management

Effective supply chain management is one of the key factors for a company’s success in implementing strategic initiatives. Covering all key processes of an organization, the supply chain determines the level of an organization’s operating costs, which, in conditions of high competition, is one of the most important performance indicators.

Our specialists analyze the Customers’ activities in the field of supply chain management and develop a target logistic model by simulating the economic benefits of converting and merging the disconnected parts of the supply chains into a single system. Having experience in various areas of industry allows us to combine various methods of organizing the supply chain management process to achieve significant performance indicators.

TOCTEAM’s practice in supply chain management focuses on three main areas:

  • Assessment of the status of supply chain links: development, planning, procurement, production and distribution;
  • Development of a logistic model and action program to achieve significant economic benefits;
  • Implementation of the adopted strategy for optimizing supply chain management processes.

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