Performance Improvement Management

We help our Customers from various industries develop and implement operational improvement programs to reduce costs and ensure sustainable growth.

TOCTEAM offers a wide range of services to improve operational efficiency, covering all major functional areas, including: supply, production, distribution, marketing. Based on rigorous analytics and an individual approach, the most effective activity models are developed, which allow to synchronize the activities of the operating units and create conditions for continuous improvement.

Combining deep functional knowledge and diversified experience, our specialists, together with Clients, develop target operating models that meet the requirements of all interested groups in the organization. At the same time, implementing programs for the transformation of operating activities, our approach is focused on developing the skills and competencies of the Client’s employees as carriers of transformations.

We solve a number of tasks to achieve significant benefits from improvement programs implementation, including:

  • Operational audit;
  • Operating model transformation;
  • Cost optimization;
  • Common service center;
  • Business process outsourcing.

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