We help industrial enterprises effectively manage production processes by introducing modern methods and tools for managing the production system.

Using international practice and industry experience, our specialists continuously work on the development and improvement of their own methodologies and models of production management based on elements of modern business concepts, including “lean production”, the theory of constrains and 6 sigma.

The methods and approaches we propose allow industrial enterprises to significantly increase the efficiency of their operations by freeing hidden production reserves and eliminating processes that do not create value. Achievement of such results becomes possible due to:

  • assessing the state of production technology and determining the optimal technical and organizational decisions based on analytical data;
  • synchronization of the main and supporting production processes, taking into account their complexity;
  • improving the equipment maintenance system;
  • formation of production culture of a precautionary nature;
  • increasing the degree of controllability and transparency of the production process by introducing visualization tools and rational organization of work areas;
  • the introduction of methods of “built-in” quality, aimed at reducing the time to perform operations.

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