The LS12 production planning and control system is an information platform developed for enterprises of machine-building and high-tech industries. It allows you to create and maintain a management system built on elements of modern concepts of production management and adapted for discrete multi-product production with a high degree of process variability. In particular, system allows to implement pull logistic model of production management with a master process on the final assembly.

The LS12 system is designed to perform production efficient organization process by:

  • Ensuring the efficiency of obtaining, completeness and reliability of data on material flows’ movement as well as on terms, cash reserves and costs at all stages of production;
  • Reducting in lead time and production costs due to rational planning, leveling up the load on operational resources, reducing inventory and work in progress;
  • Improving the information support of the production management department, improving the accounting and reporting system, simplifying and streamlining workflow;
  • Creating through end-to-end control of conditions to ensure guaranteed product quality.

At the same time, our approach is based on the integrated optimization of the current management model in order to achieve all the advantages of the system. In particular:

  • Support is provided for the building a production culture aimed at anticipating adverse deviations in quality and time shipment which promote marketable products’ manufacture;
  • Development of effective motivation programs and personnel policies tending to enhance the staff involvement in the work process;
  • The introduction of techniques tending to improve the production lines’ reliability.

All work is carried out jointly with the Customer’s staff in order to transfer all the necessary competencies and knowledge to support and independently improve the results achieved.

In addition, one of the main advantages of the system is the possibility of its rapid deployment, since the approaches used do not require availability of detailed processing routes with precise operational binding of the technological equipment used and corresponding time standards.

This approach allows to improve significantly quality of the production process and achieve necessary degree of production process controllability.

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