Construction Project Management

In modern conditions, monitoring and control of projects carried out by a number of independent participants, each of which has its own reporting standards, management system, and organizational structure, become an urgent task for many organizations.

We provide support at three levels of management:

  • Control and monitoring;
  • Consolidating reporting;
  • Technique, implementation and management.

We provide professional services covering the entire area of project competence, including the diagnosis of the organizational and functional model of managing the project office, the development of the target matrix of the powers distribution, the software introduction, consolidated reporting and method.

Our experts will help you answer the following relevant questions in the field of project management:

  • How to make the best budget and project schedule?
  • How to analyze the reports and identify the risks of increasing costs, implementation time frame and reducing the quality of the project?
  • How to develop a system of indicators to track progress and the degree of achievement of planned results?
  • How to manage changes in the project?
  • How to provide directors and top management of the company with the operational reporting necessary for making decisions?
  • How to connect the motivation of employees with the objectives of the project?
  • How to reorganize the project office to improve its efficiency?

Our specialists have in-depth knowledge of international standards in the field of project management, as well as experience in supporting and implementing specialized software products for the implementation of project management functions such as Microsoft Project, Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio Management in various sectors of the economy.


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